Constant spring supports allow vertical movements of the pipe due to thermal expansion or contraction and have a fixed load output throughout their travel range. They are used when vertical movement is high (from 50-75 mm upwards) and when stress at the pipe nozzles and equipment has to be very limited.

Basic Setup

Before proceeding, check Understanding Support Datasheet topic for a better knowledge on information architecture.

Step 1: Enter basic data

  • First of all, select ‘Constant‘ on ‘Type of Support’ combo box.
  • Define ‘Single/Double Type’ configuration (if double, select how you will enter loads on ‘Load Calculations’ field, by support or spring)
  • Enter ‘Operational Load (Hot Load)’ value.
  • Enter ‘Vertical Movement (+/-)’ value. Positive or negative values are allowed.

Advanced Setup

To be completed.