By using the free of cost Pihasa Assistant program you can considerably reduce project planning expenses and thereby reduce costs for the planning of supports for piping systems. With this software a wide range of the normal support positions can be covered as standard cases.
The time-consuming and thereby cost-intensive work that used to come up in the form of preparing sketches, installation drawings and ‘combing through’ catalogues, can be considerably optimized by using Pihasa Assistant.

The specific data of the support points (operating and preset loads, travel, pipe diameter, etc.) is entered with program guidance. A support configuration appropriate to local circumstances is selected by dialogue and by a symbolic representation of standard supports.
Automatically Pihasa Assistant carries out the selection and determination of components which are suitable for a given load in a support configuration. Further intervention on the part of the operator is no longer required. The result is presented on the screen to the user in a scaled graphic form including a parts list indicating weights and materials and can be changed as required.

All support positions dealt with are automatically saved by the program and can be called up and, if required, altered at any time. In addition to printing out drawings Pihasa Assistant also supplies detailed as well as bill of materials lists. For later processing of the supports as a 3D graphics in CAD programs export functions can be used. Furthermore, various interfaces to major software vendors (Intergraph Smart™ 3D, AVEVA PDMS, Bentley Microstation, etc.) will be available soon.