Resting supports (Clamp bases, U-bolts and components for guides and anchors) are the most common pipe supports given their high degree of standardization and ease of installation, specially for pipes that rest on structures and pipe racks.

They can be used as a free sliding support, or as guides and anchor points.

Basic Setup

Before proceeding, check Understanding Support Datasheet topic for a better knowledge on information architecture.

Step 1: Enter basic data

  • First of all, select ‘Clamp Base‘ on ‘Type of Support’ combo box.
  • Define ‘Single/Double Type’ configuration (if double, select how you will enter loads on ‘Load Calculations’ field, by support or spring)
  • Enter ‘Operational Load (Hot Load)’ value.
  • Enter ‘Vertical Movement (+/-)’ value. Positive or negative values are allowed.

Advanced Setup

To be completed.