Hydraulic snubbers are special elements designed to absorb large impacts in the piping due to seismic phenomena or other circumstances like water hammers.

During the normal operation and movement of piping, they do not restrict movements, offering minimal resistance. However, when a sudden impact occurs, they lock themselves becoming highly rigid supports, protecting the system against that event. They can be installed in any position with relation to the pipe by the use of special beam attachments (“rear brackets”), highly rigid clamps and special enlargement pipes.

Basic Setup

Before proceeding, check Understanding Support Datasheet topic for a better knowledge on information architecture.

Step 1: Enter basic data

  • First of all, select ‘Snubber‘ on ‘Type of Support’ combo box.
  • Define ‘Single/Double Type’ configuration (if double, select how you will enter loads on ‘Load Calculations’ field, by support or spring)
  • Enter ‘Operational Load (Hot Load)’ value.
  • Enter ‘Vertical Movement (+/-)’ value. Positive or negative values are allowed.

Advanced Setup

To be completed.