Pihasa Assistant  offers powerful rules and relationships that automate repetitive tasks, enforce design standards, ensure design integrity, and protect design consistency.
It covers all operational loads, temperatures and travel ranges usually met in industrial piping systems.

Companies use Product Data Management (PDM) software tools to manage the versions and information associated with each part in the assembly of support installations. Pihasa Assistant unifies the team because it’s a single source of truth throughout the development cycle:

  • Integrated interface to set up features for spring, dynamic or rigid hangers. As mentioned before, minimal entry actions required, with options for pre-built Pihasa assemblies.
  • Built-in Import and Export wizard. Exported data can be updated on Microsoft® Excel and re-imported again. Assemblies data validation, using compatibility rules defined by Pihasa.
  • Customizable reports and export to Autocad® formats (DWG, DXF), several image formts (JPEG, PNG, SVG), Microsoft® Office and PDF
  • Solution for support planning: automated pipe support drawings generation, 2D/3D models and bills of materials


  • New opportunities for increased engineering design efficiency.
  • Improved quality and significant savings in project manhours.
  • User experience according to new software standards.